1. When you create any team site or communication site, there are some sections as “web designer galleries”, “HTML Field Security”, are missing on the setting page of the SharePoint Site.
  2. When you trying to create any .aspx page through SharePoint Designer in Modern Team site, getting error message: “Server error : Access Denied”

Solution:Method 1:- Go to SharePoint Admin center , Click on setting option. Under the setting check for the Custom Script section. Check both box and allow user to run custom script on personal sites and self service created sites.


This setting might take 24 hours to reflect the changes.Method 2: Thorough powershell command these changes reflect immediately.Type below command to connect with SharePoint admin center:

Enter the below commands, you have to mention your site collection or site url where you need this sections

Result: Immediately you can see the web design galleries in setting page

7-20-2018 2-42-30 PM.png