Issue : User is unable to login on his/her OneDrive account, When try to login it is getting redirected on his/her mysite page.

Checked on Admin center and OneDrive was not configured and message was there: OneDrive is not configured , ask user to go to office portal and click on OneDrive app. 


Step 1:  

Could you please connect to Tenant through the PowerShell. 

Connect-SPOService -Url "" 

Step 2: 

If the user is getting this below error that means user Onedrive is lock state  

Set-SPOSite "" -LockState "NoAccess" 

Step 3: 

Set-SPOSite "" -LockState Unlock 

When user OneDrive in LockState then we need to run the above the PowerShell script. When power shell script gets executed successfully then OneDrive is unlocked state. User would be able to log in OneDrive without issue.