You can use Power Automate to create items in a SharePoint list through an Excel file. Here’s an example of how to do this:

  1. Open Power Automate and create a new flow.
  2. Select the “Excel” connector as the trigger for the flow. You can choose any of the available triggers that can be used to start the flow when a specific event happens on an Excel file.
  3. Select the “SharePoint” connector as the action for the flow. You can choose the “Create Item” action to create an item in a SharePoint list.
  4. In the “Create Item” action, specify the SharePoint site URL and the list name where you want to create the item.
  5. In the “Create Item” action, select the Excel file and the worksheet that contains the data you want to use to create the item in the SharePoint list.
  6. In the “Create Item” action, map the columns from the Excel file to the fields in the SharePoint list.
  7. Save the flow and test it by running it and checking if the item is created in the SharePoint list.
  8. If the test is successful, you can schedule the flow to run at a specific time or set a trigger for when a new Excel file is added to a specific folder.

It’s important to note that the Excel file should have the same columns name as the SharePoint list fields, to ensure that the data is correctly mapped. Also, make sure that the flow is being run by an account that has the necessary permissions to create items in the SharePoint list.