To push more than 1000 items from an Excel spreadsheet to a SharePoint list through Power Automate, you can use the “Create Item” or “Create Item Batch” action in Power Automate. Here’s an example of how to do this:

  1. Create a new Power Automate flow and select the “Excel – When a row is added” trigger. This trigger will run the flow every time a new row is added to the Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Connect to the Excel spreadsheet by providing the spreadsheet’s URL and selecting the appropriate table.
  3. Add a “For each” loop to the flow. This will allow you to iterate through the rows in the Excel spreadsheet.
  4. Inside the “For each” loop, add a “Create Item” or “Create Item Batch” action. The “Create Item Batch” action allows you to create up to 100 items at a time, so it’s better suited for pushing a large number of items.
  5. In the “Create Item” or “Create Item Batch” action, select the SharePoint site and list where you want to add the items. You can also specify which columns from the Excel spreadsheet should be used to populate the columns in the SharePoint list.
  6. To push more than 1000 items, you can use the “Create Item Batch” action and set a limit of 100. This means that for every 100 rows in the Excel spreadsheet, the flow will create 100 items in the SharePoint list.
  7. Test the flow by adding a new row to the Excel spreadsheet and check if the items are being created correctly in the SharePoint list.

It is important to note that when pushing a large number of items to a SharePoint list, you should consider the performance and scalability of your SharePoint environment. Also, you should ensure that the flow is well optimized by reducing the number of actions, avoid unnecessary loops and wait steps.

Also, you should have a good understanding of Power Automate and SharePoint to implement a solution like this. Additionally, it is always a good practice to backup your data before doing any migration or data movement.