You might get a request to export all users details who have access on specific site and their permission level as well. You can user below syntax to get the report:

Connect-SPOService -url https://*org-name*
$tenant = "<tenant name, such as expertbrains for>"
$site = "<site name>"
Get-SPOUser -site https://$$site | select * | Format-table -Wrap -AutoSize |Out-File c\UserReport.txt -Force -Width 360 -Append

If you have more than one site then you can run it for each site and it will append the data. You just need to change the $site variable.

If you wanted to do for every site then you can follow below syntax

Get-SPOSite I ForEach {Get-SPOUser -Site $_.Url} | Format-Table -Wrap -AutoSize | Out-File C:\UserReport.txt -Force -Width 360 -Append